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What is Soundrobin?

Soundrobin makes it simple to create and play the best music by crowdsourcing your playlist and letting your friends pick the music.

Soundrobin links to your Spotify Premium account giving you and your guest access to over 20 million songs.

Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect playlist, let it happen naturally by inviting others to add the songs they want to hear from their phones.


Create a soundtrack to be the playlist for your event.


Invite your guests and give them access to the soundtrack.


Everyone can add songs and vote. Most popular rises to the top.


Soundrobin turns a traditional playlist into a the most unique soundtrack for your event.

Soundrobin uses an innovative voting scheme that allows the most wanted songs to rise to the top of the list.

The song with the most votes get played next so the most wanted music is always on deck.

Result: A fresh, relevant and interactive experience for everyone.

Where you can use Soundrobin:

  • Road Trip
  • House Party
  • Tailgate
  • Spin Class
  • Anywhere
  • Step 1 – Create
    Link to your Spotify Premium account and create a Soundrobin soundtrack to be the playlist for any event.
  • Step 2 – Invite
    Invite friends to join the soundtrack and give them access to over 20 million songs using Spotify’s music library (even if they don’t have a Spotify account!)
  • Step 3 – Contribute
    Contribute by adding songs. Vote on them and watch them rise to the top.

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What People Are Saying

Soundrobin turns your playlist into a group sport.
Carlos C.
Soundrobin brings the party to your party! Soundrobin allows me to create an event and allows for all my guest to contribute to the music without every having to plug in. Its a party saver for sure!
Steven R.
I can’t wait to use this for my spin class!
Anne R.
Turning your traditional playlists into the most unique, interactive music gaming experience since Guitar Hero.
Chris V.

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